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Next generation healthcare monitoring for improved


A tool to monitor chronic patients

DOCTOMATIC is a remote patient monitoring medical software tool which transmits the data provided by non-invasive medical devices via a mobile app to a medical platform whereby medical professionals analyze and evaluate the information of their patients

Doctomatic helps people live healthier lives

Doctomatic is a remote patient monitoring tool working towards removing the burden of over 5 Billion chronic patients globally.

Doctomatic empowers patients by allowing their doctors to monitor their health data daily and assist them in predicting the deterioration of their conditions.

Compatible with multiple devices and growing

Thanks to AI, Doctomatic can recognize and record data on different devices, such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, scales…

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Saving our healthcare systems millions annually

By reducing medical visits and trips to the health center, Doctomatic also represents great economic savings for health systems.

Doctomatic makes chronic patients lives easier

We know how much you appreciate your Doctors and their time, this is why you will also appreciate Doctomatic.

Doctomatic allows you to automatically send clinical data to your physician from the comfort of your home knowing that your Doctors reach is expanded thanks to this tool.

All you need to do is download the APP, register as a user following your Doctor’s instructions and start adding your medical device’s measurements as per their request. This data is automatically uploaded to their dashboard and your Doctor is able to both control & predict the status of your health condition. In the event the established parameters are not in line with what they should be, you shall automatically be alerted.

1. Download the app.
2. Enter the login information provided by your healthcare provider.
3. Take your measurements and capture the data.
4. Your readings will automatically and securely be provided to your health care team.

Manufacturer: Doctomatic S.L.
Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167,
08025 Barcelona, España.

Follow the instructions before using the product.

This is a Medical Device that meets the requirements set by EU Regulation 2017/745.

CE Marked