Doctomatic is a remote patient monitoring tool working towards removing the burden of over 5 Billion chronic patients globally.

Doctomatic empowers patients by allowing their doctors to monitor their health data daily and assist them in predicting the deterioration of their conditions.

Doctomatic is THE DOCTOR’s PARTNER for remote patient monitoring which makes chronic patients lives easier


Doctomatic is here to save lives but also to save our healthcare systems millions annually. 



DOCTOMATIC is a remote patient monitoring medical software tool which transmits the data provided by non-invasive medical devices via a mobile app to a medical platform whereby medical professionals analyze and evaluate the information of their patients.

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Manufacturer: Doctomatic S.L. Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167, 08025 Barcelona, España.

Follow the instructions before using the product.

This is a Medical Device that meets the requirements set by EU Regulation 2017/745.

CE Marked