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DOCTOMATIC is a remote patient monitoring medical software tool which transmits the data provided by non-invasive medical devices via a mobile app to a medical platform whereby medical professionals analyze and evaluate the information of their patients



Use Doctomatic to manage your patients’ progress remotely using our remote patient monitoring tool.

Ease the schedule of both your clinic and patients by remotely accessing their data.

Predict your patients’ healthcare condition by accessing real live data.

Provide targeted care programs to the most in need patient base.

Optimise treatments and improve outcomes.

Plug & Play – Doctomatic is device agnostic, you only need your patient to subscribe, download the app and start uploading images from the measurements of their medical device from the comfort of their home. To sign up please mail us at

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We are in close partnership with several hospitals and research centres easing their efforts.

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Manufacturer: Doctomatic S.L. Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167, 08025 Barcelona, España.

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This is a Medical Device that meets the requirements set by EU Regulation 2017/745.

CE Marked